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Being a Postpartum Doula and Sleep Consultant has taught me that every family and individual has their own unique needs and challenges, requiring a personalized approach to effectively address them. Below is a list of my services but please feel free to schedule a free 30-Minute consultation so we can together discuss your specific needs and how I can help.

Doula Support



Home from the hospital....what's next?!

As a postpartum doula, I will help you to settle into the "4th trimester." Support with postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, newborn and sibling care, safe sleep, soothing, meal prep and light housekeeping are just a few of the services I provide.


Book a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Sleep Support


The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that sleep problems affect 25-50 percent of children. That's a lot of unsettled kiddos (and families)! Research shows that sleep is important for growth and development (especially in early infancy) and affects attention, mood, vocabulary acquisition, and memory.


As a Newborn Educator and Sleep Consultant, I am passionate about educating families about healthy sleep habits as they welcome a new baby in addition to sleep training methods for older infants and children through their toddler years. 


Questions about how I can help your family? Check out my options for sleep support below.



Included in the Sleep Consultation fee:

  • A customized sleep plan for your child

  • Two weeks of text messaging/email support (between the hours of 9am- 9pm)

  • Two 30 minute calls


An intake call will review overall goals, sleep routines and sleep habits. A comprehensive sleep plan will be created and reviewed in detail including an assessment of the sleep environment and guidance with developing a developmentally appropriate daytime and nighttime routine. Two weeks of support will provide encouragement and accountability towards the development of healthy sleep habits.



Schedule a private 60 minute Zoom call to discuss sleep-related issues specific for your child. I'll review wake windows, napping, bedtime routines and healthy sleep practices. See the above option for the Individual Sleep Consultation for a more customized sleep plan for your child's needs. 



Sleep Shaping (also referred to as sleep conditioning) includes setting up healthy sleep habits from day one. This includes, but is not limited to, helping a child to learn to fall asleep independently and back to sleep on their own. Join me for one of my group online classes to learn more about how to encourage healthy sleep practices from the start.

*If you are interested in attending a class but have financial concerns, please reach out to me for options for financial assistance:

"So many wonderful things to say about Diane and this (Newborn) class! Practical, relatable, day-to-day tips. I loved the emphasis on the widely known Harvey Karp work, but the nuanced knowledge Diane added as a nurse educator/parent/grandmother. I also appreciate the time Diane takes to get to know her clients and the respect she shows for their unique circumstances, choices, questions and beyond. I would highly recommend this class to any parents-to-be!"
~ Melissa

"Diane supported our entire family, emotionally and physically. I was having a hard time breastfeeding and healing after a traumatic delivery. She gave me and my husband the support we needed to find a solution to feed our daughter in a way that worked for everyone in our family while allowing me to heal and her to gain weight. We ended up breastfeeding her for 8 months and I would have quit after the first month if it wasn’t for Diane! She gave us the knowledge and support that we needed to become confident parents!"
~ Barbara

"When my husband and I had our second baby, we already had a 16 month old daughter and a 7 month old puppy we were struggling to manage with no help.  It was also the highest surge of covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic.  It was a very stressful time to say the least.  Diane brought a true sense of calm and warmth to our house when she was here, and she gave us encouragement that lasted through the days when she wasn't.  She helped us come up with strategies for managing each of our 3 little ones and their differing needs.  When she first started working with us, my toddler was not sleeping in her own room.  She took close to 2 hours to fall asleep and would end up in our bed, which made it even more challenging coping with a newborn's nighttime feeding schedule.  Diane helped us to get our toddler sleep trained.  She now sleeps in her crib for a consistent 12 hour period, which has dramatically improved the sleep of our whole household and is something that was hard to imagine a few months ago.  We all love Diane and have learned so much from her.  I am only disappointed that my postpartum period is coming to an end and we will all miss seeing her every week!"
~ Meghan

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